The Best Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden

Plant a few of these aromatic gems around your yard and add a whole new level of enjoyment.



This family of old-fashioned favorites is grown for their pink, white, or red, spicy fragrant flowers and their often-evergreen clumps or mats of gray-blue, grassy leaves. Taller types are excellent for cutting. Dianthus includes both annual and perennial types with the perennial types suited to Zones 3-9.

Name: Dianthus selections


Among the most famous fragrances in the garden world, gardenias bear a heavy scent and lovely white flowers. Happily, this shrub can be grown indoors or out.

Name: Gardenia selections


Look for old-fashioned varieties of nicotiana to fill your garden with a strong, sweet fragrance. Plant it near your patio or bedroom window as the scent is most pronounced at night.

Name: Nicotiana selections

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Want to make a big statement at the end of the season? Try sweet autumn clematis. This large vine (it can climb to more than 25 feet once established) literally covers itself in masses of starry white, fragrant flowers. You can smell it from across the yard on warm, sunny days.

Name: Clematis ternifolia

Oriental Lily

Powerfully fragrant and stunningly gorgeous, Oriental lilies such as the famous ‘Star Gazer’ can perfume an entire garden. Oriental lilies bloom in mid- to late summer in shades of white, pink, and yellow. They’re wonderful cut flowers, too.

Name: Lilium selections

Garden Phlox

Phlox is one of summer’s showstopping flowers. It bears big clusters of candy-colored blooms on 4-foot-tall stems from mid- to late summer. These blooms bear a sweet fragrance that’s most apparent on warm, sunny days.

Name: Phlox paniculata

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