Some creative and clever garden container or pot ideas

Do you want to give a different look to your garden? Installing innovative potters and containers can bring a unique appearance. Try out simple recycled products. Believe it or not they will render a transformed look.

Are you confused where to begin your new garden in? Well, leave out the easily available containers and pots that are accessible in the market. You can bring in the innovation and creativity right into your garden or outdoor area with some unusual and clever ideas and save a lot of money buying the garden containers.

Look for inspirational DIY garden container ideas

Look for inspirational DIY garden container ideas

All that you need to have is a little inspiration and look around so that you can bring in as many ideas as possible for your garden. You can make your very own garden planters. Yes, you heard it right, DIY garden containers are possible to make and the expenditure is almost nil since you can make use of the unused or recycled items.

Using old and unused toilet cisterns

Look for inspirational DIY garden container ideas

You can give a total new meaning to your old toilet cisterns by converting them into garden potters. It might sound a little weird initially, but if you clean them properly and paint with bright colors, or even leave them as they are, believe it or not the cisterns will work absolutely apt as the garden containers. They are made of porcelain, which is long lasting and apt for outdoor use.


There is a host of items from the kitchen that can be used as garden containers. Let us have a look at them.

  • Converting your old kettle into a beautiful planter, especially for small herbs and flowers.
  • You can use a tea or coffee tin or a biscuit container into a hanging planter filled with colorful flowers.
  • Cookie jars, water or juice jugs will also look decorative if used as an attractive garden décor.
  • Spice wired racks can also be utilized in the outdoor area.
  • Bowls and colanders are perfect as hanging baskets with a rope or a chain.
  • An old kitchen sink can also be used as a bed for planting colorful flowers or herbs.


Have you ever thought of using your old bathing tub as an outdoor garden planter? Well, it sounds a great idea since there is enough space to plant a host of different flowers. They will look outstanding with the different colors. You can involve your kids in the DIY project and they are going to love it. You can paint the tub or give it a new aura by executing some crafts.


How about using boots and old shoes as a planter? They will provide the rustic and the countryside charm that you had been looking for so long in your garden. All that you need to do is make a hole in the sole of the shoes and plant your herbs and flowers. There are many creative gardeners around the world who make use of shoes as a planter. Give a try once.